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Public Relations Consulting

Not quite ready for the Do-It-Yourself approach to Getting on TV?

No problem. 

Let Peg put her 35+ years of PR experience to work for you!

Peg offers one-on-one consulting for all your public relations needs.

 PR Services

  • Pitching and placing media stories
  • Developing talking points
  • Preparing spokespeople for interviews
  • Coordinating media events and press conferences

Peg’s super-strategic approach means her PR tasks will always tie back to your big-picture goals — like awareness, credibility, expertise or sales. And, her seemingly endless bounty of enthusiasm means she’s really fun to have on your team.

“The power of PR is the sole reason our shopping center saw a 60% increase in traffic for a major, first-time event we held this spring. Because this event was a huge undertaking in terms of production and logistics, we were left with a minimal budget for advertising. By pitching the event to local stations in a creative way, Peg was able to secure 22 TV segments for about 75+ minutes of coverage – brand/event exposure that was unprecedented for our shopping center. Traffic was phenomenal both during our 15-day event, and in the months following, purely because of this increased media exposure our brand received in the market. Retailers also reported sales increases of up to 80% compared to last year during the event timeframe.”

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