Hi, I’m Peg!

Welcome to my first-ever blog post on Making PR Work for You. I might be new to blogging, but boy-oh-boy do I have tons of public relations experience that I’m excited to share with you. For 35+ years, I’ve been a PR consultant to more than 1,000 (yes, 1,000!) clients. It all started when I was nine years old. Back then, my family would drive to our cabin in the country every weekend, passing many farms along the way. We would bring back farm-fresh eggs, which I would sell to our city neighbors — with a 15-cent per dozen mark-up, mind you — upon returning home. The business took off, and soon I was taking orders on Thursday afternoons, gathering eggs over the weekend, and delivering them (by bike, of course!) on Sunday afternoons to more than 100 customers.

This entrepreneurial egg-selling endeavor broke me out of comfort zone.

You wouldn’t know it from my outgoing and energetic personality today, but as a child, I was shy. But I was also persistent. I worked hard to develop my little business and before I knew it, I had saved enough money to buy something that my nine-year-old heart dearly coveted: a shiny red 9” Panasonic television for my very own bedroom. This was a huge deal because we only had one television in the house and my dad had control of the channel selection. I loved that little red TV. I would snuggle up in my bedroom watching everything from the local news to The Brady Bunch. And, true to my enterprising young spirit, I turned that into a money-making venture too by charging my sister 50-cents per hour to rent time on my TV.

(If you’re wondering, yes, my sister and I are still on speaking terms.)

I guess you could say that being an entrepreneur was in my blood from an early age. And so was being slightly obsessed with television. It all makes sense that I eventually became a PR consultant — and today I’m using those same skills and passions to help others learn what it takes to tell their story.

I often hear from small businesses or young professionals just getting started in PR that they see their competitors on TV and wish they had the skills and know-how to make that happen for them.

That’s why I created a new, do-it-yourself online course called Making PR Work for You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting on TV designed to teach you how to be your own publicist and successfully book TV segments for your small business or nonprofit.

And, best of all — I make it fun. (If you know me, that’s a given.) By breaking down big ideas into simple steps, I’ll help you make your best pitch and achieve your television coverage goals. So follow along! I hope you’ll join me as I share all things related to public relations — especially making it work for you — on this blog and on Instagram @peg.roessler.

Thanks for reading, Peg